Do Aliens Have Cloaking Technology? UFO Hunter Says Yes with Picture Proof

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens have that advanced technology to cloak their flying ships from the sight of the general public

UFO spotted in Kentucky ET Data Base

Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens from advanced exoplanet civilizations have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. According to these alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrials from deep space have much-advanced technology when compared to humans, and they argue that most of their flying vessels are equipped with cloaking technology.

Did a Cloaked Alien Ship Visit Earth?

Adding up the heat to these seemingly unbelievable theories, popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has shared an eerie image that shows a partially invisible UFO in the skies of Kentucky. Eyewitnesses who witnessed the mysterious incident claimed that this flying ship produced no sound, and it flew across the skies in a very high altitude.

"Approx 8:40 pm my girlfriend (Myrna) and myself was swimming. We were about to get out of the pool when Myrna said "Look at the plane". When I observed the craft it had no visible wings and a large maroon arc shape object at the nose of the craft. The craft was about the same size as a commercial aircraft, and was flying west to east. I assume the craft was between 12,000 and 15,000 ft because of the low level clouds in the area. The craft made no sound as it passed over our heads. We observed the craft until it went behind a low-level cloud, but did not exit the other side of the cloud," said the eyewitness.

Waring, after analyzing the images assured that these sightings are 100 percent proof of alien existence. The researcher who is currently operating from Taiwan claimed that aliens are now using sunny days to monitor human activities so that we will not look up the skies because of scorching heat.

Mysterious Cigar-Shaped UFO above Tennessee Mountains

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after a cigar-shaped UFO was spotted hovering above Tennessee Mountains. Alan Barra, a Whitwell resident who captured the video of this mysterious event claimed that the UFO spotted above the mountains was white in color and it moved towards south before disappearing behind the trees.

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