UFO expert calls for probe after declassified Russian files reveal alien encounters


Vladimir Azhazha, a former Russian naval officer and UFO researcher has demanded investigation after declassified Russian files revealed incidents of bizarre alien encounters. The declassified Russian records report unidentified flying objects and submerged objects spotted above and within the earth's oceans. The documents also talked about Soviet K-222 submarines being stalked by unidentified objects under the sea, Daily Star reports.

Interestingly, the weird incidents listed in the classified documents are very similar to mysterious incidents reported in the Bermuda Triangle. As Azhazha's investigation suggestion went viral on the online, conspiracy theorists came up with the version that advanced extraterrestrial beings are living in the depths of the oceans, and that the governments are well aware of their existence.

The most interesting case noted by Azhazha in the declassified documents is an incident involving a nuclear submarine in Southern Pacific ocean. During the routine operation, the Soviet K-222 submarine spotted six unidentified submerged objects (USO) travelling in formation under the waters, and surprisingly, they were travelling at a speed more than 265 miles per hour.

However, the maximum speed which can be attained by the Soviet K-222 was just 51 miles per hour. After a brief encounter with the submarine, the unidentified objects flew away.

"I think about underwater bases and say: Why not? Nothing should be discarded. Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it's very important to analyze what they encounter there," said Azhazha, demanding a probe into the incident.

Water resistance is one of the major challenges faced by submarines while travelling. But there are various instances where unidentified objects were spotted travelling at a speed above 265 miles per hour, which is practically impossible for human technology to achieve. According to conspiracy theorists, aliens are using advanced futuristic technologies to achieve such top speeds, and this technology is allowing them to travel defying all laws of physics.