US military in contact with aliens to create advanced humanoid race, claim conspiracy theorists


A YouTube video uploaded by conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' has made some astonishing allegations about a regular contact between the US military and advanced alien civilizations from deep space. The video also revealed that the US military officials and aliens are now working together to create an advanced humanoid race in the future.

According to the conspiracy theory channel, these claims are based on interviews conducted by Dr Michael Salla, an expert on international politics and US foreign policy with top US government officials.

This sensational video was uploaded on April 27, 2018, and it has since received more than 127,000 views.

The video alleges an already-established contact between the US military officials and the aliens to discuss the possibility of creating this advanced humanoid race. The video also reveals that the meetings have been conducted at the United Nations, where top leaders have discussed aliens and UFOs.

The video also claims that the high-level talks on creating a new humanoid race have taken place on the Johnston Atoll island in the Pacific Ocean, a US territory near Hawaii.

The conspiracy theory channel argues that the aliens involved in the human hybrid creation are from the Zeta Reticuli star system, which has long been associated with alien mythology after the alleged UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. After the abduction, Betty even drew a star system which is similar to Zeta Reticuli.

This is not the first time that the allegations about the association between the US military and aliens are going viral online. A week ago, Noah, a self-proclaimed time traveller has claimed that the US government is in alliance with aliens, and that the much-anticipated disclosure will happen in 2030.

"Yeah they are, so the aliens are practically allies with the whole world except some religions that they must be dealt with and everything. America is allies with them," said Noah, during a live telephonic session conducted by Apex TV.

This article was first published on May 8, 2018