Cigar-shaped UFO captured on video while sourcing energy from sun

UFO cigar
YouTube: UFOmania

YouTube conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' has uploaded a bizarre video, which features a mysterious giant cigar-shaped UFO near the sun.

The object was spotted while analyzing the sun's video on cosmic space site The video footage soon went viral in the online space, and it has already racked up more than 30,000 views on YouTube since its upload.

"I came across a giant cigar-shaped object near the crown of the Sun. This cigar vessel, according to my calculations, is 15,534 miles in length and a width of 7,456 miles," said the narrator of the video.

The video soon compelled viewers to suggest many theories explaining this phenomenon. Many viewers of that video strongly argued that the mysterious object was nothing but an alien mothership and they also believe that it was harvesting energy from the sun.

"A refuelling stop. None of your bussiness earthlings. Will come back to visit when you grow a brain, maybe 1million years from now," a YouTube user, Pedro Pablo commented.

On the other hand, some have commented that the images shown in this video are not the real photos of the sun. As per these skeptics, humans have not developed any technology to capture the images of the sun from such a distance. Some people even claimed that these are all photoshopped images.

"These are fake images of the Sun. This person who made this channel probably thinks we also landed on the moon and have satellites in space, "another YouTube user, TungTable338 said in the comment section.

The new sighting came just a few days after another conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' spotted a triangle-shaped UFO following the path of a lightning bolt. The video clearly showed a UFO travelling across a lightning bolt, and many people strongly argued that aliens might be using advanced technologies to harvest energy from these natural power sources.

This article was first published on May 9, 2018