Aliens organizing world war 3? Europe to be the trigger point again, claim conspiracy theorists

Reptilian aliens
Representational Image Pixabay

Reptilian aliens have been the hottest talking topic among conspiracy theorists for years, and these people strongly believe that these shapeshifting extra-terrestrials are secretly ruling the world. Now, conspiracy theory YouTube channel '2CirclesArchive' has released a bizarre video which states that these reptilian aliens are gearing up to trigger world war 3 which will first begin in Europe.

According to the narrator of the video, the world war will be organized to distract attention from the general public, so that the existence of these extraterrestrials will remain secret.

''The Reptilian parasites know that humanity is waking up to their existence and presence. That's why the need the Third World War as a distraction. That's the sole reason for this irrational conflict. It's Reptilians versus humans – not humans versus humans. Not the West versus Russia," said the narrator of the video.

The video uploader also alleged that video sharing platforms like YouTube are acting as puppets in the hands of elites, and they do not want the truth to come out.

"Youtube is taking massive efforts to censor the truth and deletes dozens of channels. This channel and video could also no longer exist tomorrow," posted the uploader in the video description.

The video also claimed that the dreaded war will first occur in Ukraine, and it will spread to all corners of the globe, the way World War 2 began. The uploader also urged everyone to call up their friends and relatives in Ukraine to inform about this deadly conspiracy.

However, the YouTube channel failed to put forward any solid proofs to substantiate their claim.

The new revelation from the YouTube channel came just a few days after another conspiracy theorist David Meade warned about the aftermath of a world war. David Meade revealed that Russia has some dreaded missiles and weapons in their arsenal capable of wiping out the US mainland within 30 minutes.

This article was first published on May 10, 2018