First 'Time warp' discovered? Paranormal researcher claims he found it outside Las Vegas

Highway 95 near Fallon, Nevada
Highway 95 near Fallon, Nevada Reuters

A paranormal investigator, Joshua Warren said that he has observed that surprisingly time slows down 20 microseconds right outside Las Vegas and he claimed that he discovered a time warp.

The paranormal researcher, who was featured in shows like "The International UFO Congress in Nevada & Arizona," "The GhostFest on the Queen Mary" and "Paranormal Paparazzi," said that he measured how time weirdly changes across Nevada as well as the restricted zone, Area 51.

However, as per his claims, there may be a space-time warp on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but "there has been so much man-made tech nearby that it's taken a while to realize what's naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains."

Fox 5 reported that Warren said that it is quite impossible to see time to slow down suddenly. He added that it could only happen if a black hole approaches earth or if "some kind of unknown technology being tested nearby that would influence the environment, or if there are naturally places around planet earth that actually sort of flicker once in a while, that warp a little bit."

While referring to the UFO activity in the area, he also added, "Is this something natural that gives us a window, a gateway into another world or another level of reality? Or is this the by-product of some kind of weird technology, be it something secret and man-made or something that's extraterrestrial?"

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists also have found that the same kind of unusual change in time at the same location. Scientists asserted Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which describes how gravity causes masses to warp space-time around them. As per NBC News reports, which was published in 2011 after observing gyroscopes, many researchers found small changes in the direction they spun in as they moved around earth's gravitational pull.

In 2009, the late scientist Stephen Hawking hosted a party for the time travellers, but it did not work, as no one appeared. But, slowly people started to accept the possibilities of such unimaginable matters, so time warp or the time travel is not just a science fiction anymore.

Earlier, Einstein and astrophysicist Carl Sagan both stressed on the existence of wormhole and said it is a gate in space that provides easy travel between two time periods. But, again these claims are only theoretical and as of now, no scientists could provide evidence on that.

However, if you are a science fiction movie buff or follow comic series like "Flash," then you must have seen some characters travelled back in time, fix an issue and then came back to the present day. This could be possible, as Forbes reported that some astrophysicists claimed that moving back in time physically is possible but, not into the future.

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