Men In Black shock claim: Group chased by unknown men after entering alleged UFO centre (VIDEO)

men in black

A YouTube channel named 'Exploring with Fighters' has uploaded a bizarre video featuring a group of unknown men allegedly 'Men In Black' tailing a team of YouTube investigators who tried to explore a UFO territory in Britain.

The incident apparently happened in RAF Rudloe Manor located north-east of Bath, England. The confidential site gained public attention after secret files were released indicating that the Air Force base was the centre for UFO investigations in the 1950s. Even after its abandonment in 2000, conspiracy theorists strongly argued that secret alien experiments are being carried out on this site, and they called it 'Britain's Area 51'.

The newly released video shows a team of YouTube investigators capturing bizarre footage from RAF Rudloe Manor. But the team was shocked to hear sounds of people approaching them. Soon, sirens started ringing, and four people are seen rushing to get into their car.

The team tried to escape from the scene. While inside the car, one of the team members said that they were being tailed by a group of government officials. Soon, another team member argued that they might be the 'Men In Black', a popular term often heard in fictions. In popular culture and among conspiracy theorists, Men In Black is a secret group who pay a visit to the people who encountered UFOs and aliens.

Finally, their car was pulled off, and they were informed that it was just a routine check, as another vehicle with the same number was spotted in London.

The video about the incident was uploaded on YouTube on May 02, 2018, and it has since then received more than 190,000 views.

This is not the first time that theories surrounding 'Men In Black' are going viral on online spaces.

A few months ago, Erhan KolbaÅŸi, a tutor of a Turkish University course on 'Ufology and Exopolitics' that was included in its revised curriculum, had revealed that there is a secret group working in the world called MJ 12 which is covering up all the encounters with aliens from the general public. He also argued that the first contact with extraterrestrials will be an open one, and it will change the human history forever.

This article was first published on May 6, 2018
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