UFO sighting in Las Vegas triggers question on Area 51 hidden mysteries [VIDEO]

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Steven Barone, a paranormal enthusiast recently captured a video of a pulsating UFO in the skies of Las Vegas. After capturing the weird footage, he uploaded it to his YouTube channel and revealed that the area surrounding Nevada desert is a hotbed of unexplained lights and UFO activities.

The video clip showed an unidentified glowing object moving across the skies and at times, it pulsated. Conspiracy theorists speculate that the object could be moving somewhere around Area 51, where alleged secret alien experiments are taking place.

"We got a UFO right there. This is what I would call a southern valley UFO. Right now it appears there's only one but looks at the brightness of that thing. It's amazing. They can show up in pairs right here, and it's awesome to see the pairs because it really just shows how undeniable these things really are," said Steve in the video.

As the video went viral, viewers started suggesting possible theories to explain the phenomenon, as one of the YouTube users stated said that particularly in Area 51, "there have been a ton of these sightings recently."

Another user suggested that aliens are monitoring us, and they are gearing up for a disclosure. Earlier, MIT radio astronomer, John A. Ball also claimed in his "Zoo Theory" that even though there are several incidents of spaceship sighting, those unknown entities could be avoiding humans because they don't want to interfere in our daily life and want to monitor us like a zookeeper of a cosmic 'zoo'.

"Probably just dropping off some beer for the other aliens at the base. :) But seriously, I truly hope that one day you get some full on view footage of the actual craft. Millions are waiting for just such a moment. To date, most of what we have are drawings and a few blurry photos - and some air force footage. This is as good a place as any for history to be made," joked another commentator.

The new sighting was reported just a few days after another UFO was spotted flying above Hawaii. Many conspiracy theorists strongly speculate that it is the aliens which triggered the eruption of Kilauea volcano.

This article was first published on May 16, 2018
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