Two Aussie Football Players 'To Be Disciplined' After Being Caught Engaging in Sexual Act at Bar Over Lost Bet

Two pro Australian rules football teammates are under investigation after they captured on video engaging in a wild, public sex act at a bar earlier this month.

Aussie Rules players from the Glen Waverley Football Club were hosting their end of season celebrations at a public bar when one player lost a bet to another.

Glen Waverley players performing sexual act
Stills from the video that was posted on social media. Twitter

Players Damaged Bar Property, Left Bathrooms Covered in Vomit

According to multiple reports, the loser of the bet performed oral sex on his teammate as others cheered him on. The incident occurred on Sunday, August 14 following Glen Waverley's final game of the Eastern League's Division 3 season. The club finished last and were relegated to Division 4.

Patrons from outside the footy club were also in attendance at the pub at the time, with one eyewitness saying the bathrooms were left damaged and covered in vomit and players were abusive towards customers.

There are also allegations that the rowdy group were smashing glasses inside and outside the pub, vaping indoors, stealing drinks from behind the bar and dancing on tables. Players also reportedly damaged venue property.

Club Releases Statement

In a statement, Glen Waverley Football Club said they would take "immediate action" on the players involved in both the lewd video and the destructive behaviour.

"The committee has been made aware of an incident which has occurred during the post-season celebrations of some of our senior playing group," the club wrote.

"While this occurred away from the club and was not a club-sanctioned event, we are extremely saddened and disappointed in the behaviour shown by people who should know better.The club is taking immediate action to address the serious breach of our culture and values that has occurred within this incident."

Glen Waverley said all players would be disciplined, not just the pair who committed the sex act.

"The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined and educated and if need be, counselled in the type of conduct expected by members of our club, along with the physical and emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players and the wider community," the statement said.

"There is no further comment at this time, and we request that the wellbeing of those be respected as they deal with the impact from the incident."