Couple Dubbed as 'Batman' and 'Catwoman' After Video of Their Brazen Sexual Act on Rooftop Goes Viral

Throwing caution to the wind, a couple indulged in sex on the rooftop of a car parking in Birmingham, UK. The couple was filmed during their sexual act and the video was posted on social media that attracted the attention of millions of viewers.

The couple in question ignored the warning of health officials to avoid outdoor activities in excessive heat and humored themselves on the hottest day in history. The temperature had soared up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday.

Naked couple on a rooftop

The Couple Must be "Mentally Sick"; Social Media Chatter

A faction has accused the couple of being "mentally sick" adding that publicly displaying their sexual lives is not normal. The faction also added that the couple did it on purpose as such perverts look for publicity by pulling such stunts.

A few of the Twitter followers have even shared memes on the couple giving them the title of "Batman" and "Catwoman".

The New York Post in its report published on Monday stated that this particular parking lot is surrounded by offices and other establishments on all sides. The couple was busted by a worker watching from the window of a nearby office building. The spectator recorded the romp on the phone and shared the footage on Twitter. The video became viral and clocked 100,000 views in a short span.

A Twitter while sharing his assumption wrote, "It's a home, it's an office building, it's a dormitory for their dozens of bodyguards. It's got a garage. It's got a koi pond. It's got a cafeteria for everyone, a rooftop bar and infinity pool, a gun range, a sex swing, it's the most confusing building Ever."

Another Twitter user shared a hilarious view adding, "50-50 chance this is Hunter. But probably 70-30."

"Very simple. 1- it defrosts everything in your home, 2- it cooks everything in a 2 SQ mile 3- it raises the temp above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in a 500 SQ. Mile, 4- it causes fires, 5- it boils water in a micro sec for you coffee/tea 6- it makes you stop thinking about sex," read a tweet.