TWICE Momo's Boyfriend Heechul on Marriage: I Feel The Trend These Days is Not to Get Married

Super Junior's Heechul will be turning the host of the variety show Fallen in Love with Korea - International Couples. The first episode of the show will be aired on 28 May at 11 pm KST.

TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul
TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul. Instagram

A promotional clip of the show has been revealed and it has the host talking about the marriage. Yes, Heechul, in the video, has clearly indicated that the marriage is not on the cards.

Heechul's Statement
"I feel the trend these days is not to get married... I also have no thoughts about getting married," he is quoted as saying by Allkpop in the teaser. His statement has drawn the attention of fans as he is in a relationship with TWICE member Momo.

The fans of both Momo and Heechul are discussing this topic on social media sites and trying to find the reason behind his statement. Many feel that the couple would not try to get married in the near future as she is at the peak of her career and marriage could possibly end her career.

Check out the fans' response:

Coming back to the show, it is a program that deals around the couple whose love stories cross the barriers of the borders and languages to form a family. In short, this will tell the stories of foreign people who fell in love with Korean citizens and the country.

Talking about the show, Heechul said, "I want to know if they gave up their life back in their home country to come to Korea. I want to also know how great their love is to make them come to a different country."