Kim Jung Hwa Slammed by Christian groups for Doing Lesbian Role; Hubby Faces Backlash For Anti-LGBTQ Stand

Kim Jung Hwa is facing the wrath of the Christian groups for enacting the role of a Lesbian in tvN's series Mine, but her husband You Eun Sung is being slammed by netizens after he said that they were against homosexuality.

Kim Jung Hwa
Kim Jung Hwa. Kim Jung Hwa Instagram

The Controversy
The actress has done the character named Suzy Choi in Mine. In the series, she will be seen doing the character of Jung Seo Hyun (Kim Seo Hyung)'s lover. It is a story about wealthy and strong women finding their true identities.

Kim Jung Hwa's sexual orientation has now become a matter of debate as the conservative Christians have lashed out at the actress for doing the role. There are plenty of netizens who have vented out their frustrations against her for doing the said character.

You Eun Sung's Take
Many turned their anger against her hubby You Eun Sung, a contemporary Christian music composer, and asked his views on her role in Mine since it is against Christianity. Responding to a user's comment, You Eun Sung said that she was just performing the role. "Also, this drama isn't actually about homosexuality. After agonizing for some time, she returns back to normal at the end of the drama," Koreaboo quotes him as explaining to a netizen.

To another user, You Eun Sung said, "If you watch until the end of the series, you will understand. I don't want to spoil the K-drama so I can't say too much, but one person goes through agony before going back to normal. That's the kind of story it is, not homosexuality."

In the end, he responded to another netizen by stating that they are a married couple and against homosexuality which has not gone well with the LGBTQ community.

People are now asking her for the removal from the show. Many are demanding an apology from her husband.