Tunnel: Choi Jin Hyuk shared about his feelings on last filming day, VIXX's N acting skills and more

Choi Jin Hyuk appeared and shared a few things about his popular drama "Tunnel" which came to an end

Tunnel Youtube/OCN

Choi Jin Hyuk has shared a few things about his recently ended popular drama Tunnel a V Live broadcast. The actor shared that he cried after filming the last episode of the drama.

He said, "I'm usually not the type to get sick but I had to visit the emergency room three or four times while filming this drama. I had to get some IV drips at the hospital, and I also lost a lot of weight."

He also mentioned about VIXX's N, who played the present day Park Gwang Ho in the drama. He highly praised the idol actor by saying, "I was a bit surprised. He acted a lot better than I had expected. His acting was really genuine despite his young age. I want to tell him that he did a great job."

He also complimented N's looks, saying he has a really small and pretty face.

OCN's Tunnel became a huge hit and it broke the record to become the new highest-rated drama in the history of the channel.

In the time-travel drama, Choi Jin-hyuk plays the role of a homicide detective of 1980s who time-travels to the present. The drama started off with a strong at 2.8% ratings gradually it gained critical praise and broke the highest rating record set by Voice of 5.637%.

Tunnel wrapped up with a record-breaking viewership ratings. The finale episode that aired on May 21 gathered average viewership ratings of 6.5 percent and peaked at 7.1 percent. The drama scored average ratings of 7.2 percent and peaked at 8.1 percent with its target audience which is between the ages of 25 and 49, Soompi reported.

The Choi Jin-hyuk starrer drama's success deserves a reward and they have been promised so. The entire cast and crew of the drama will be going on a reward vacation Guam at the end of May.

"Tunnel" aired its final episode on May 21.

This article was first published on May 22, 2017