Fight My Way, Lookout and Circle
Fight My Way, Lookout and Circle Twitter/Youtube

Three interesting dramas are scheduled to premiere today and technically two of them are direct competitors- Fight My Way and Lookout, as they are scheduled to air at the same time on KBS and MBC, respectively. tvN's Circle however will be airing an hour later. To give a clear idea of all the three shows that are to be premiered today, here is the details of the show we know so far:

Circle (or Circle: Two Connected Worlds)

The sci-fi drama is reportedly divided into two parts, "Part 1: Beta Project" and "Part 2: An Amazing New World," and it is to take place in 2017 and 2037, respectively. The drama takes place in two timelines but the characters do not move to the present to future or vice-versa, rather two similar stories from two different eras are being told in one episode. The cast of the series include Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Kang-woo Gong Seung-yeon, Ahn Woo-yeon, Jung In-sun and Lee Gi-kwang.

The drama reportedly revolves around two timelines- 2017 and 2037. In the present timeline, Yeo Jin-goo plays the role of a college student when the aliens come to the earth and in the future, Kim Kang-woo plays the role of a police detective when the world is divided into two territories namely, utopian "Smart Earth" and the other one as "Ordinary Earth" that's still filled with suffering.

It is a 10-episode Monday-Tuesday drama which is set to air at 11pm KST on tvN.

Fight My Way

In the upcoming romantic-comedy drama, Kim Ji Won plays the role of a loveable yet a tough woman. The plot of the upcoming drama revolves around various challenges that individuals face in their lives, and trying to achieve their dreams. The cast includes Park Seo-Joon, Kim Ji-Won, Ahn Jae-Hong,Song Ha-Yoon,Son Byung-Ho and others.

Kim Ji Won's character wanted to be a news anchor but ended up working in a department store as an information desk attendant. And, Park Seo Joon's character is a former Taekwondo player who later became a mixed martial arts fighter.

It is 16-episode Monday-Tuesday drama to air at 10pm KST on KBS


In the upcoming MBC drama, viewers will see a group of vigilantes and how their lives turned upside after the loss of the loved ones to crime and therefore took justice into their own hands.

Recently, they released three new teasers as well and they have all got a gritty and stylish vibe. All the three teasers are captivating, given their 'tragic yet action packed storyline,' Soompi mentioned.

It is 16-episode Monday-Tuesday drama to air at 10pm KST on MBC.