Trump Announces 'Official Sneaker' for $399 a Pair at Sneaker Con at Philadelphia Hours after Being Slapped With $355 Million Fraud Fine in NY

The announcement comes shortly after Trump was hit with a $355 million penalty for providing false information about his wealth over the years.

Donald Trump is trying to make a statement ahead of the US presidential election. The leading candidate from the Republican party unveiled a new line of sneakers, featuring golden "Never Surrender high-tops," during an unexpected appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on Saturday.

The new line of $399 sneakers was launched hours after Trump was slapped with a $355 million fraud fine. Trump appealed to the crowd to "get out and vote" and that he wanted to look out for "the young people." The former president and golf enthusiast received a mixed reception at the convention on Saturday afternoon, with a combination of loud chants of support and audible booing.

One Step Forward

Trump sneakers
Trump launching his official like of sneakers at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia X

The "President Trump's official sneaker," adorned with American flag logos, is priced at $399 each and is offered in limited supply, as indicated on the website selling them. A low-top style is also available in either "T-Red" or "POTUS" white, both featuring a golden "45" on the side, with slip-ons priced at $199.

The website also features "Victory 47" perfume, presented in a golden bottle with a stopper modeled after Trump's head, available for $99.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," Trump told the enthusiastic crowd of sneaker lovers. They chanted "USA, USA" as he took the stage to promote the product during a brief 5-minute stopover before heading to a campaign event in Michigan.

"I have some incredible people that work with me on things, and they came up with this, and this is something I've been talking about for 12 years, 13 years. I think it's gonna be a big success."

Trump sneakers
The sneakers are priced at $399 a pair X

The announcement comes shortly after Trump was hit with a $355 million penalty for providing false information about his wealth over the years.

Strange Timing

The judgment on Friday concluded that Trump, his company, and executives, including his two eldest sons, schemed to deceive banks, insurers, and others by inflating his wealth on financial statements.

Trump sneakers
Trump sneakers X

This adds to Trump's ongoing legal challenges, which include an upcoming trial for election fraud and another for authorizing 'hush money' payments to an adult entertainer before the 2016 election.

During the event, an enthusiastic Trump supporter was invited onto the stage, who thanked Trump telling the crowd "he's a Christian, a good man and we need him."

The golden sneakers, limited to 1000 pairs, include a select few signed by Trump himself, as mentioned on the website.

In addition to the $355 million fine, Trump has been ordered to pay $83 million to writer E. Jean Carroll in her defamation lawsuit. This comes after a $5 million award in a separate trial where he was found liable for sexually abusing her.

Trump sneakers
This man bought a limited edition Trump sneaker autographed by the former edition costing $1,000 X

With these financial liabilities, coupled with substantial legal fees for his four criminal trials, Trump may find it necessary to secure a bond.

Recent campaign financial reports revealed that political action committees (PACs) associated with Trump had already spent $50 million on legal fees.

Obtaining a bond typically requires paying 10 percent of the owed amount upfront, meaning Trump would need to come up with $35 million, which would not be refundable.