Travis Scott Arrested for Deaths, Satanic Rituals at Astroworld Concert? Bizarre Theory Surfaces

A viral claim suggesting the arrest of rapper Travis Scott over the deaths during his Astroworld Concert is found to be fake. It was being claimed that Scott is charged for conspiracy to commit murder during the concert featuring a Satanic ritual.

Scott was previously arrested twice for encouraging fans to push past security and defy security measures at his concerts. The incidents occurred during his concert in 2015 and 2017.

Travis Scott
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Scott Asked Followers to Inject Spectators with Fentanyl?

The latest claim originated in an article published on Conservative Beaver. Headlined, "Rapper Travis Scott arrested, accused of murdering fans in Satanic human sacrifice ritual," the article claimed that the rapper is accused of instructing his followers to inject random spectators with fentanyl.

Quoting a 'source' the outlet stated that the rapper was arrested by the Houston Police on Monday night. "Scott was found with child pornography on his computer, as well as documents regarding Satanism and the occult. Scott will face additional charges for the child pornography images," the article read.

The outlet also stated that while the "link between Scott and Satanic groups is still unclear," investigations are being carried out to ascertain the role of other people and organizations in the murders.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Lead Stories, a fact-checking website stated that Scott was not arrested and there is no public evidence supporting the claim made by Conservative Beaver.

Despite the claim being fake, it was widely discussed on social media. "They're saying Travis scott been arrested for pedophilia," tweeted a user.

"People told u to stop, u encourage fans to rush security, ur arrested twice for inciting a riot. U deserve the book bro... not cool," wrote another.

"Travis Scott has been arrested and charged for conspiracy to commit murder after his AstroWorld concert featured a Satanic ritual that saw eight people murdered and many more injured. Scott is accused of instructing his followers to inject random spectators with fentanyl," read another tweet.

"This is the third time @trvisXX has been arrested for inciting riots and violence at his shows (#AstroWorld); he is known for encouraging his fans to jump over security fences and promotes this type of rage at his concerts," opined a user.