Transgender Sex Offender Allegedly Attempts Child Abduction at Colorado Elementary School: Disturbing Video Emerges

In response to the incident, the school district vowed to investigate and enhance safety measures

Disturbing footage has emerged capturing the chilling moments as children fled in terror when a transgender sex offender allegedly attempted to snatch a child from Black Forest Hills Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

Solomon Galligan

According to CBS Colorado, the surveillance video leading to the arrest of Solomon Galligan, 33, was revealed to families on Monday. Dante White, a parent of one of the children involved, described the experience of watching the footage as deeply distressing, confirming the severity of the situation.

The footage depicts a figure, later identified as Galligan, holding a blanket walking near a fence as children play during recess. As the suspected abductor approaches, the children react by running away, some shouting "Stranger danger." The video then shows Galligan lunging at one of the children with a blanket, almost succeeding in grabbing them before stumbling and losing grip.

Following the incident, a teacher's assistant intervened, prompting Galligan to flee. He was later apprehended at a nearby Walgreens and charged with attempted kidnapping. Reports indicate Galligan exhibited signs of intoxication and had a substance resembling white powder on his face.

Galligan, who identifies as male, was previously placed on the sex offender registry in 2011 for non-consensual sexual contact. His family attributes his actions to mental health issues, according to CBS Colorado.

In response to the incident, the school district vowed to investigate and enhance safety measures. Lauren Snell, CCSD Public Information Officer, emphasized the district's commitment to prioritizing safety.

While the district issued apologies during a meeting with parents, White expressed dissatisfaction, demanding an independent investigation and accountability for those responsible.

Galligan's transition was publicly documented on social media in 2011. He remains in custody on a $25,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. Further details regarding his previous conviction were not immediately available.