Sydney Cop Suspected of Murdering TV Presenter and Partner, Bodies Found After Week-Long Search

Police officer Lamarre-Condon who was once romantically involved with TV Presenter Jesse Baird

Australian authorities have found the bodies of a former Network 10 presenter, Jesse Baird, 26, and his boyfriend, Luke Davies, 29, after a week-long search, following allegations that they were murdered by a Sydney police officer. Detectives claim that Senior Constable Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who was once romantically involved with Baird, is responsible for their deaths.

Jesse Baird Murder

According to police reports, Baird and Davies were allegedly shot dead by Lamarre-Condon at Baird's residence in Paddington, Sydney, last Monday. The suspect, who has not responded to the charges, is accused of then disposing of the bodies using a rented white van.

The search efforts were expanded to rural areas, particularly focusing on a property in Bungonia, New South Wales, where police suspect the bodies might have been concealed. Police divers were scouring waterways in the region for any trace of the victims and then the bodies of the TV presenter and his flight attendant boyfriend in that rural area outside Sydney on Tuesday.

Lamarre-Condon, 28, reportedly ended a relationship with Baird late last year. He has been charged with the murders of both Baird and Davies but has not entered a plea or sought bail.

Authorities believe Lamarre-Condon attempted to mislead investigators by sending messages from Baird's phone to housemates, indicating a planned move to Western Australia. However, police now allege that this was a diversionary tactic after the deaths occurred.

The case has sparked discussions within the community, including calls for police exclusion from the upcoming Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Police Commissioner Karen Webb has defended the force's participation, stating that the alleged crime should not overshadow the broader inclusion efforts of the organization.

As the investigation unfolds, police continue to gather evidence linking Lamarre-Condon to the crime scene, including the recovery of the suspected murder weapon from a police safe. The search for justice and closure for the families of the victims remains a top priority for law enforcement officials.

In related developments, a female acquaintance of Lamarre-Condon has been cooperating with detectives after being left at a rural property gate by the suspect, unaware of the bodies allegedly hidden in the van.