Female Nebraska Prison Workers Arrested for Having Inappropriate Relationships with Multiple Inmates

Laura Schluckebier Nicole Carter
Laura Schluckebier (left) and Nicole Carter. Twitter

Three Lincoln women have been arrested after an investigation into improper contact with multiple inmates while they worked for the Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDCS), according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

Abbey Fielder, 26, Laura Schluckebier, 45, and Nicole Carter, 47, all of Lincoln, were arrested Monday after an investigation by the State Patrol.

As reported by the Lincoln Journal Star, Carter was charged Tuesday for second-degree sexual abuse of an inmate or parolee. Schluckebier was arrested on suspicion of allowing a committed offender to have unauthorized visitation or communication and conspiracy to allow a committed offender to communicate.

Fielder was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of an inmate, conspiracy to commit sexual abuse of an inmate and allowing a committed offender to have unauthorized visitation or communication.

Schluckebier and Fiedler are current employees of NDCS. Carter was no longer a corrections employee at the time of her arrest, according to the State Patrol. Fielder was cited and released due to medical circumstances.

Investigators Found Texts Exchanged Between the Women Detailing Inappropriate Conduct with Inmates

According to the probable cause affidavit for Carter, State Patrol investigators discovered various messages between the three women allegedly describing inappropriate behavior with inmates.

The State Patrol initially started investigating a report of sexual assault that allegedly occurred at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in April 2023, the affidavit says.

An inmate accused Fielder of involving him in an unwanted and unsolicited relationship that included kissing him on the mouth and touching his genitals, according to the affidavit. The inmate told investigators that he felt he could not refuse the relationship because Fielder had authority over him.

Fielder Expressed in Texts to Schluckebier That She Had Feelings for Multiple Inmates

The affidavit also describes other relations Fielder had with different inmates while working for NDCS. Fielder allegedly referred to at least one of the inmates as her boyfriend. One message obtained by the State Patrol details Fielder ending a relationship with an inmate and conversing with Schluckebier about how she will convince her unit manager at corrections services to move him.

The affidavit says Fielder told Schluckebier she would tell her manager "that I have feelings for him and it's hard to have him around." According to the affidavit, Schluckebier goes on to list several other inmates that can replace the inmate Fielder described as her boyfriend.

In another text Fielder asked Schluckebier about her previous relationship, "as long as you don't bring them anything or communicate, you're okay." Fielder also told Carter she had feelings for an inmate and was worried that another inmate would find out about their interactions.

Carter Admitted to Touching an Inmate's Genitals

Investigators believe Fielder told Carter she had shown explicit pictures of herself to at least one inmate. While Carter was still employed by NDCS, she allegedly met with an inmate at the Reception and Treatment Center, violating his parole. Her employment with corrections ended in April 2023.

Carter allegedly told Fielder that during this interaction they did not have sex but she did touch his genitals. Judge Timothy Phillips set Carter's percentage bond at $5,000, meaning she would have to pay $500 to be released.

Schluckebier and Fielder have been placed on investigatory suspension by NDCS, the State Patrol says. Neither had made their first court appearance as of Tuesday. "We hold our team members to a high standard, and inappropriate behavior involving a member of the incarcerated population will not be tolerated in NDCS," Director Rob Jeffreys said.