Tourist Gets Bitten on the Genitals by Snake While Sitting on Toilet in South Africa, to Undergo Reconstructive Surgery After Penis Stars Rotting

The man was on vacation at a nature reserve in South Africa when the incident took place.

A Dutch man on vacation in South Africa was bitten by a venomous snake on his genitals while sitting on a toilet during his trip.

The 47-year-old man was at a nature reserve during his vacation and while using the bathroom, a cobra that was lurking in the toilet bowl, slithered up and bit him on his genitals.


The man suffered from scrotal necrosis after he was bit by the serpent. According to a report released by ScienceDirect, this could be the first-ever case of "snouted cobra envenomation of the genitals." It took three hours before he could be flown to the nearest hospital, which was approximately 220 miles away.

"His penis and scrotum were noted to be swollen, deep purple in color, and painful on hospital admission. Scrotal necrosis was diagnosed, and he received multiple doses of a non-specific snake venom antiserum and broad-spectrum antibiotics," according to the medical report.

Man Suffered Symptoms Like Vomiting, Burning Sensation From Groin to Upper Chest

The man reported vomiting and a burning sensation as well as pain that shot up from his groin into the abdomen and upper chest. According to the report the man made a full recovery after a plastic surgeon performed a "penile shaft debridement, with extensive resection of dead tissue extending into the corpus spongiosum to the fold of the preputium."

The comments from the authors of the report added, "Always flush the toilet before sitting down in countries notorious for their snake population."

This is not the first time a man has been bitten on his genitals by a snake that crawled up the toilet, especially in Thailand, where it is a common occurrence. In September 2020, a Thai man was bitten on his penis after a python slithered through the plumbing of his home, as previously reported.

In 2018, A man from Bangkok had to receive treatment on his penis after it was bitten by a python while he was using the squat toilet in his office. The hungry serpent had slithered up through the u-bend and plunged its fangs into his manhood. The man had to receive 15 stitches on the tip of his penis.