SHOCKING: Snake Bites Thailand Man's Penis After Crawling Up Toilet He's Sitting On

Siraphop Masukarat, 18, was bitten on the penis by a python on Tuesday evening while he was sitting on the toilet.

A Thai man was rushed to the hospital after a python slithered through the plumbing of his home and latched onto his penis as he sat on the toilet.

Siraphop Masukarat, 18, went to the loo to relieve himself on Tuesday evening and took a seat on the toilet when he felt a sudden and intense pain on his manhood. When the teenager looked down he saw a python with its jaws clamped around the tip of his penis. Although it immediately let go of the man's member there was blood splattered all over the toilet bowl.

Siraphop screamed in terror before running out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, around 13 miles north of Bangkok. The teenager's mother calmed him down before paramedics arrived and rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

'I Hope My Penis Can Recover'

snake in toilet
The snake being removed from the blood-stained toilet by animal control. Twitter

Siraphop received three stitches in the glands at the tip of the penis and the wound was disinfected to prevent any infection from any bacteria from the snake's fangs. Luckily, for Siraphop pythons are not venomous but still inflict a painful bite.

"I was using the toilet but a few moments after I sat down, I suddenly felt pain in my penis. I looked down and saw there was a snake hanging in the toilet. Then there was blood everywhere," he said. "It was only a small snake but its bite was so strong. I hope that my penis can recover."

Animal handlers were called to the two-storey home and found the serpent coiled up inside the toilet bowl. The python, which measured about four feet in length, was captured and later released back into the forest.

A Common Occurrence in Thailand

Python spotted in Singapore
Python Pixabay

Snakes, mostly pythons and cobras, routinely slither up the toilet pipes in Thailand. In January, a woman was similarly attacked by a python while she was sitting on the toilet, sinking its fangs into her thigh.

The woman tried to grab the snake by its head and rip it off her but that just made the reptile clamp down harder. Left with no other choice, the woman repeatedly struck the snake's head against the floor while her son struck it with a hammer until the creature eventually relented.

The woman's daughter, Chunya Sittiwichai, posted about the terrifying experience on Facebook. The gruesome photo of the aftermath shows the dead snake with bloody gashes near it's head next to two hammers, a box cutter and a bloody mess all over the tile floor.

In 2018, A Bangkok man had to receive treatment on his penis after it was bitten by a python while he was using the squat toilet in his office. The hungry serpent had slithered up through the u-bend and plunged its fangs into his manhood. The man had to receive 15 stitches on the tip of his penis.