SHOCKING! Video Shows 4-ft Snake Being Pulled Out of Russian Woman's Mouth

A Russian woman, living in a rural area, was sleeping in the yard of her own house when a snake crawled inside her

A video, featuring a doctor with patient, has gone viral on social media, as the footage shows the moment when a snake was removed from a Russian woman's mouth. As per reports, the 4-ft snake slithered inside the woman when she was fast asleep.

The unnamed woman was sleeping in the yard of her house in Levashi village in Russia when the reptile crawled inside her. When she woke up, the woman started to feel unwell and was rushed to the hospital where she was put under general anesthesia.

The Viral Video

Snake Inside Woman
Snake is pulled from a Russian woman's throat YouTube

The footage, which has been shared on several social media platforms, shows the gloved hands of a male doctor in the Russian hospital, removing the 4-ft-long snake after inserting a tube down her throat. One of the doctors, present at the scene, can be heard saying, "Let's see what this is."

Meanwhile, a female medic grabs the snake and helps the other doctor to pull it out of the woman's mouth. But during this unusual operation, the female medic, with a horrific expression, jumps back startled. The medical staff off-camera can be heard screaming as they realize that the long thing which was stuck inside the woman was nothing but a 4-ft-long snake.

After the reptile is pulled out from the woman's mouth, it is dropped into a medical bucket. However, the short video does not reveal whether the snake was still alive after it came out. The name of the female patient and other details about the snake are yet to be disclosed.

As per reports, local residents said that such incidents happen very frequently, so people were advised not to sleep outside their homes due to the risk of snakes getting inside their mouths. The recent incident happened in a rural locality called Levashi, which is the administrative center of the Levashinsky District of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia.