Tomorrow X Together: TXT Announces Comeback With Teaser for Mini Album minisode 3: TOMORROW

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has announced their comeback by releasing a teaser for their sixth mini album, minisode 3: TOMORROW. The K-pop boy band will release their new project on Monday (April 1) at 6:00 pm KST. BIGHIT MUSIC released the promo video through various social media channels, including Twitter and YouTube.

The entertainment agency released an official statement on the WEVERSE channel for the boy group. According to the press release, the followers of this music group can pre-book the upcoming album from Monday (March 4). BIGHIT MUSIC will release additional details about this mini album through a separate notice on WEVERSE.

Tomorrow X Together
Tomorrow X Together Twitter/BIGHIT MUSIC

Here is the Complete Statement by BIGHIT MUSIC:

Tomorrow X Together
Tomorrow X Together BIGHIT MUSIC

Netizens' Reactions

Soon after BIGHIT MUSIC announced the comeback of TXT with the sixth mini album, social media platforms got flooded with messages under the hashtags #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #minisode3 #TOMORROW #TXT. Here are a few of them:

minisode 3: TOMORROW is giving MAJOR callbacks to Magic Island. Look at the sparks and the color scheme.

Remember if they spoiled us with the little prince concept? The next concept will be magical.

I'd rather wish for it to be a Syawal comeback than a Ramadhan comeback, but oh well, no one's complaining tho.

They're going back to Magic Island that's when they left their innocence and were cast out of heaven. If they go back and make different choices, they will find redemption.

OMG, TOMORROW is a minisode? So the Name Chapter was only two installments, Temptation and Freefall!

Since the logo changes every comeback depending on the concept, I always wonder how it's gonna look like & honestly, every time a new logo drops. I get blown away by how unique & creative it is.

Watch the minisode 3: TOMORROW teaser below:

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