Watch: TXT Fans Call for Better Protection After Video of Soobin Bumping his Head Emerge Online

The fans of TOMORROW X TOGETHER or TXT are calling for better protection and more bodyguards for the band members from their agency Big Hit Entertainment and HYBE after several videos of the boys surrounded by people emerged online. In one of the clips, band member Soobin is seen bumping his head while walking towards the car with his teammates.

The new videos of the boy group members were uploaded online as they walked to the Music Bank. The footage featured them struggling to avoid the crowd with flashing cameras. After watching the video, angry fans criticized their entertainment agency for not protecting the artists. The fans shared their displeasure on Twitter with the hashtags Protect TXT and Bighit Protect Your Artists.

The trending hashtags were accompanied by a statement from Twitter that read: "TXT fans are calling for more protection and bodyguards for their beloved stars after videos emerged of the group being surrounded by people".

Nearly, 50,000 K-pop fans tweeted videos and photos of the incident urging the entertainment agency to provide better protection to their artists. The company is yet to release an official statement on the issue.

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The clips were shared online by a Twitter user, monikered as PurpleAespa1. According to the netizen, the clips feature the boy band members going into the Music Bank from the parking area. The incident took place in June, and at that time, there were not enough people to protect the boys.

"This is from the parking garage going into Music Bank back in June. If you ever see fansite photos in a parking garage there is a 99% chance they aren't allowed to be there and run down there to chase the celebrities," she tweeted.


Here are Some Tweets from Enraged Fans Below:

I feel really sad seeing them like that. Look at Taehyun and Yeonjun, they look really tired while those s@s@engs doesn't even care

Give TXT their space & leave them alone. It upsets me so much to see that big hit isn't doing anything about this or at least having better bodyguards. Also not even blacklisting ssngs that have been doing this debut? Their safety is the priority & this behavior is not ok.

What kind of irrelevant staffs company hires Idol has to hold the umbrella for his manager, staff is so harsh towards soobin that he almost bumps his head. Big hit, txt doesn't deserves this treatment . Safety and dignity of your Artists Should be your utmost priority

TXT manager wasn't in a good mood so he pushed soobin hardly that made him bumped his head to the car. — That manager even pushed the workers there! hybe protect your artist, i hope soobin is okay!

People need to understand k-pop idols are human too! And they have full right to privacy, ssng behaviour is not a onetime thing and the company seriously need to take action about it

it's fine to idolize txt but don't be so obsessed with them to the point you're invading their privacy don't be dumb and learn your manners any human can do that so why can't you and bighit protect them from this they didn't deserve this

Where are the bodyguards and managers to protect taehyun? my man is literally mobbed by photographers with those STRONG FLASH cameras and can damage your eyes. the bodyguards didn't even do anything to prevent it.

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