Netizens Reportedly Criticize GQ Magazine for Disrespect Towards BTS, TXT, and Racism

GQ Magazine has reportedly received criticisms from netizens for disrespecting K-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and boy group BTS. The American international monthly men's magazine was under fire for alleged racism in their feature with TXT.

The New York-based publication recently featured the five members boy band in their magazine. The feature captured the attention of several K-pop fans worldwide for multiple reasons. Netizens criticized GQ Magazine for misinformation, poor editing, and other issues in their interview with TXT.

The caption for the feature and the related tweet was the first thing to gain the attention of social media users. According to the caption, HYBE created TXT to become the next BTS. Jimin and Jin once shared the idea of the next BTS and explained how much they want their juniors to be more successful if they explore their own way.

"Their label wants them to be the next BTS. Their fans want to be them. But the five young members of TXT are really looking forward to having a cheeseburger," the caption by GQ Magazine read.

TXT Twitter/TXT

Fans' Reactions

K-pop fans stated that BTS and TXT are different groups with unique colors.

I don't believe their label ever intended them to be "the next BTS." Their sound and style have always been different. They are the voice of THEIR generation. They are the FIRST Tomorrow x Together.

RESPECT TXT! Stop Comparing them to other artists. TXT IS TXT! and they should be recognized for their own hard work all these years, you disrespected not only TXT but all their hard work and efforts to be who they are today. APOLOGIZE TO TXT!

Why do y'all love to mention BTS when it is about TXT? Stop the comparison. BIGHIT is not even pushing them to become the next BTS because there are NO next BTS. BTS is BTS and TXT IS TXT.

Alleged Act of Racism and Misinformation

Netizens also noticed several racist remarks in the interview The author referred to Hueningkai as "the hapa who makes everyone laugh". K-pop fans pointed out that hapa is a shortened form of a derogatory phrase, which is used to refer to mixed-race Hawaiian.

"I was just put off by the article entirely..looking at the descriptions for the members, which are something out of a 2012 Wattpad book...saying that huening kai is "the hapa that makes everyone laugh" as if him being mixed is a character trait is weird as fuck", netizen tweeted.

"Of all adjectives, you could use to describe HueningKai, you used this one. Are you fcking serious? And please, do NOT reduce him to "a funny guy". He has many talents. Respect him!", another K-pop fan wrote.

TXT Twitter/TXT

Meanwhile, netizens noticed the article referring to Soobin as "a gang during middle school" rather than mentioning that he was part of the school band. Another issue with the article, according to K-pop fans, was sharing wrong information about Taehyun's inspiration to become an idol.

The Korean heartthrob mentioned in multiple interviews that SHINee's music video Replay inspired him to become an idol. But GQ Magazine stated that a Chinese magazine inspired the TXT member.

"This is a completely disrespectful and unprofessional article that does nothing to highlight K-pop culture. It only adds further stigma towards the already highly stigmatized Asian men in the music industry", a Netizens commented.

"Apologize and delete this please, and choose the correct words and adjectives if there it's a next opportunity because TXT doesn't deserve this kind of thing, They have been walking their own path to build their own essence as a group, respect them", another netizen wrote.

"There was potential in having a good article with good pictures, but this article was a mess; the writer used slurs to describe Hyuka because he's mixed, disregarding TXT saying, "the next BTS" when both groups, + Bighit said otherwise. Please take down/ rewrite this article :)", a person tweeted.

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