Is TXT Member Beomgyu secretly dating LE SSERAFIM Member Chaewon?

TXT member Beomgyu and LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon became a topic of discussion in several online communities in Korea. They got embroiled in a dating rumor after an eagle-eyed netizen found a surprise item in the boy band's dorm. He quickly shared his thoughts about it on Twitter.

The tweet immediately captured the attention of several K-pop fans and netizens. It also went viral on several Korean online communities, including Nate Pann. Dating rumors about TXT member Beomgyu and LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon started doing the rounds after a photo went viral online. Shortly, speculations began spreading about the romantic relationship between K-pop idols.

The tweet that went viral on social media platforms featured a photo of the TXT member in the boy band's dorm. Although the image looked ordinary to several social media users, some eagle-eyed fans found a surprising object stuck to the refrigerator in the room.

When the netizens zoomed in on the picture, they saw a small standee of Chaewon on top of the refrigerator. The object is from the days she was promoting IZ*ONE. The social media users were eager to know if the idols were secretly dating each other.

Beomgyu and Chaewon
TXT member Beomgyu and LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon Instagram/Beomgyu, Chaewon

Fans' Reactions

"Are LE SSERAFIM's Chaewon and TXT's Beomgyu dating?" a netizen wrote.

"Beomgyu and Chaewon both have matching couple brown eyes, so they must be dating," another netizen commented.

However, the fans of Chaewon and Beomgyu came forward in support of the K-pop idols. They shared their opinions on various social media platforms and online communities. According to them, netizens are making up things to gain popularity.

"Lol, here we go again. The imagination of Knetz knows no bounds. It's a bit of a stretch to say A is dating B because there's a standee on the fridge, especially when person A lives in a dorm with at least half a dozen other people. Presumably, someone, there is a fan. I've 'dated' stars, given how many posters I used to have on the walls, pity I didn't know that or appreciate it at the time )," a fan commented.

"A man and a woman can be friends. If they are together, it doesn't always mean dating. If they are in a secret relationship, that is their personal life. They are both adults. If they did want to date, they would take care of things. It's Beomgyu and Chaewon business," another netizen opined.

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