TikTok User's Coworker Fired After Vandalizing Her Workspace with 'Trump 2024' Graffiti

The TikTok user said she was targeted because the Trump-inspired graffiti was only around her workspace.

A Canadian woman's TikTok video has gone viral on social media after she showed the Trump-inspired vandalism committed by one of her co-workers all over her workspace.

TikTok user @smilemoonchild, who is based in Hamilton, Ontario, originally posted the video last month showing her workspace at a manufacturing factory.

'Trump 2024'

Stills from the video posted by @smilemoonchild on TikTok. TikTok

In the original video posted on Aug. 29, the TikToker, who is based in Hamilton, Ontario, shows her workspace which appears to be some sort of a factory or warehouse.

"Tell me you have an awful co-worker without telling me you have an awful co-worker. I'll go first," she says before revealing the red Trump-inspired "Trump 2024" graffiti on a table and cartons around her workspace. The user also lifts a SpongeBob SquarePants poster on her workstation to reveal a "Trump

The TikToker explains that many of her co-workers came into work the previous day, which was a Saturday, but she took the day off. When she returned to work on Sunday, she noticed that only her section was vandalized. The graffiti appears to have been drawn out using a red marker.

"I already reported it to HR and they said they're gonna deal with it and they're gonna go to the director of human resources," she says. "This was definitely targeted towards me because it's only in my section."

She added that the co-worker "conveniently" vandalized her workplace before taking the following week off because he was on vacation.

Co-Worker Terminated From His Job

In a follow-up video, the TikTok user revealed that when he returned from his vacation, she immediately went to her supervisor and told him, "Listen, if this guy is staying and nothing is happening to him I'm done. I'm leaving and I'm going home, that's it."

She said after that conversation took place, the management team came to her and told her the situation was "under control." However, she said they had not updated her on her complaint in the week since the incident occurred but finally added that the co-worker was given his termination letter and escorted out of the building.


Tel me you have an awful coworker without telling me you have an awful coworker 🐀

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