Oregon Woman Harassed, Assaulted by Couple Over 'Abolish ICE' Car Sticker [VIDEO]

The woman, the wife of an immigrant, said she was attacked by a Washington-based couple in Astoria, Oregon, on Monday, Aug. 9 over the "Abolish ICE" sticker on her car.

A video of a woman being harassed and physically attacked by a couple in the parking lot of a Safeway in Astoria, Oregon, is being widely circulated on social media.

Alyssa Cuellar, who filmed the video before posting it on Facebook, said she was assaulted by a woman named Moe Darling and her husband Vince McLeod from Ilwaco, Washington, (both retired Marine veterans) over a sticker on her vehicle that read, "Abolish ICE" – a movement that proposes the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"Abolish Ice? F*ck You Ya Little C*nt'

Alyssa Cuellar
Stills from the video posted by Alyssa Cuellar on Facebook. Facebook

Cuellar noted in her caption that McLeod flipped her off and verbally abused her after seeing her exit her vehicle with the sticker on the car's rear. "Abolish ice? F**ck you ya little C**t," McLeod yelled before Cuellar said she pulled out her cellphone and started recording over concerns that he would damage her vehicle.

At that point, Cuellar said Darling started harassing her for filming her husband and then assaulted her in front of their disabled child. "What started with me filming for my own safety, led to me being sore & beat up, along with her damaging my phone, along with physically attacking me and breaking my keys, along with my wallet and an attempt at breaking my glasses," she wrote, before adding that the altercation left her with a "swollen and bruised" knee.

Cuellar said Darling told her she attacked her because she supported "BLM and the liberals" and should take it as a lesson. She noted that Darling works with disabled children while her husband is a realtor in Long Beach, Washington.

'Stay the F*ck Away From My Husband'

The video starts off with McLeod near his pick-up truck, which is parked next to Cuellar's red sedan, yelling "F*ck you!." At this point, Darling is heard asking Cuellar, "What are you doing?"

"I was just making sure he doesn't damage my car," she responds before Darling identifies the man as her husband. "You f*cking c*nt. He's not going to touch it," she tells Cuellar.

"I literally got out of my car and he yelled f*ck you because of a sticker that I choose to have on my car," Cuellar says to Darling, who continues to yell profanities at the woman. Darling then accuses Cuellar of harassing her husband and approaches her, asking her to back up and stop filming him.

"Stay the f*ck away from my husband!," Darling is heard saying. "You're filming him, you b*tch!" Moments later, Darling walks away as she appears to follow her husband and her disabled child to their truck before walking up to Cuellar and smacking her phone out of her hand.

The phone falls to the ground and is picked up by Cuellar before an altercation takes place between her and Darling. "Get away from me!" Cuellar is heard saying as the shaking camera records both women on the ground, with Cuellar's eyeglasses knocked off her face.

Darling is then confronted for assaulting Cuellar by a bystander but she claims she was hit first. "I didn't touch her," Darling is heard saying. The video ends with Cuellar distressed and in tears, walking towards her car. Watch the video below:

Cuellar Says Attack was Racially-Motivated, to Take Legal Action

We reached out to Cuellar, who told us the incident had left her with a concussion. She added that she was attacked over her beliefs and for something she stood for as her husband is an immigrant.

Alyssa Cuellar
Alyssa Cuellar describes herself as an advocate for Black Lives Matter and immigration. Facebook

"It's much deeper than a lot seem to portray it," Cuellar said. "As I was attacked over a racially motivated hate crime due to my sticker they didn't like. It says abolish ice which is something I feel strongly for. That's what started it all and why i was attacked." Cuellar, who describes herself as a strong advocate for Black Lives Matter and immigration, is now planning to take legal action against Darling and is hoping to get her charged with assault at the least.