TikTok User Finds Creepy Figure Watching Over Them During Camping Trip with Friend [VIDEO]

TikTok user says he and his friend had gone on a camping trip when they saw the "creepy figure" watching over them in the video footage.

If horror movies like The Blair Witch Project, The Cabin in the Woods and Friday the 13th have taught us anything, it's that venturing into the woods with your friends for a "fun trip" may not always be the best idea.

TikTok user Carter Booth experienced something similar when he and his friend took a camping trip to a remote area only to discover that they were not as alone as they thought.

'Never Been So Disturbed'

TikTok video
Stills from the video shared by Carter Booth on TikTok TikTok

Booth, who goes by @carterbooth on TikTok, shared a video of his friend lighting a fire as they enjoyed a night under the stars in the outdoors.

Booth pans the camera around to reveal glimpses of the scenery and everything seems normal. There is nothing scary about the video until you read the caption.

"My friend and I went camping alone, but we saw this when we watched the footage...," the text overlay reads.

"Never been so disturbed," Booth captioned the clip.

If you see the video, you may not realize what Booth is referring to, if you replay the video and look closely you'll see what left him so shaken.

TikTok video
A still from the video appears to show a figure watching over the campers. TikTok

As the camera is pointed at the rocks above them, lurking in the darkness and emerging from behind a rock is seen what appears to be a figure of a person watching over the two happy campers. Watch the video below:

Reactions to the Video

The creepy video, posted earlier this week, amassed more than 4.6 million views, and racked up nearly 220,000 likes and thousands of comments.

"You meant to say 'my friend and I went camping alone but we SAW A MAN STANDING AT [THE] TOP OF [A] ROCK when we watched the footage," wrote one user.

"I'm not sleeping tonight" commented another.

Some users pointed out that it looked like there was more than one mysterious figure watching over the two friends.

"THERE'S TWO GUYS ON THE ROCKS," said one user.

Meanwhile, others suggested the video may have been staged. "Hmmm why would [you] tilt the camera that high and go back down to nothing? I don't trust this one," a user commented.