Randonautica App Leads Users to Dead Bodies, Causes 'Supernatural' Events and Creepy Coincidences

The Randonautica app, which generates coordinates with "high energy" within a set radius, is leading users to locations where strange, unexplained incidents have been taking place.

With lots of free time and nowhere to go, people are turning to Randonautica to keep them entertained. However, this new app has led to strange and spooky coincidences that have left some users traumatized.

What is Randonautica?

Randonautica is an app that uses a quantum generator to produce specific high-energy coordinates close to your location, which users can "explore." However, before you generate the co-ordinates and set off on your adventure, you need to set an intention.

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"The app encourages users to set a personal intention before visiting a location, in the hopes of uncovering 'synchronicities,' coincidences or occurrences outside usual patterns of experience," according to the WIRED.

Human Remains Found in Suitcase

Randonautica encounter
A still from the TikTok video being circulated on social media. TikTok / /@ughhenry

A group of teenagers set out on an adventure using the Randonautica app but received the shock of their life after they stumbled upon a suitcase stuffed with human remains.

A TikTok video that is being widely circulated on social media shows two teenage girls discovering the suitcase containing body parts on a Seattle beach after being sent to the location by the Randonautica app. The video shows the teenagers discovering a black suitcase on the rocky shoreline of the beach with captions noting that "the smell was overwhelming."

They decide to open the suitcase and find a black plastic bag covering what appears to be causing the stench. Concerned about the smell, the teens called the police, informing them there may be a body down at Alki Beach in Seattle. Later, a press release confirmed that several bags of human remains were found at the beach. Watch the video below:

Supernatural Incidents, Spooky Coincidences

Since the app has grown in popularity, hashtags #radonautchallenge and #randonauting have taken off with users sharing their creepy co-incidental randonauting experiences on social media.

On the r/randonauts subreddit, which has more than 60,000 members, people are sharing their creepy randonauting experiences.

One user, who had her child aborted in the past, said she picked "babies" as her intention when she received the coordinates to a local industrial park. When she arrived at the location she found a sign that read "NO Dumping" and an infant-body sized suitcase.

Another user set "death" as her intention in the hopes of finding a dead deer or a dead fish and returned home to find that her cousin had died. " Do not manifest anything dangerous," the user warned.

A separate experience detailed how the user set "sad" as their intent and found an old house with what appears to be nooses hanging from the ceiling.

Some users have even shared their spooky experiences on TikTok. Here are some of the posts:

This article was first published on June 22, 2020