Creepy medieval plague doctor haunts British village, leaves locals 'terrified,' [VIDEO]

Police are hunting for an unidentified individual who's been creeping out locals by lurking around the village of Hellesdon while dressed as a 17th-century plague doctor

As the global pandemic continues to spread rampantly across the globe, it's understandable that comparisons will be made between the coronavirus outbreak and previous pandemics that have taken place throughout history. However, for some people, the comparisons are getting a little too real.

Law enforcement authorities in the UK are looking for a mysterious individual who was spotted walking around a village in Norwich, England, dressed as a medieval 17th century plague doctor.

17th century plague doctor spotted walking around for weeks

Video footage below shows the unidentified individual freaking out locals by lurking around town wearing the medieval costume. The footage, uploaded by Jade Gosbell, shows the person strolling through a park in the village of Hellesdon wearing a long black coat, hat, gloves and a pointed beak mask.The mysterious individual has apparently been roaming around the village wearing the terrifying garb for nearly two weeks.

17th century plague doctor
A plague doctor from the 17th century. Wikimedia Commons

"It was like 20 degrees [68 Fahrenheit], he was wearing a full black suit, it just looked ridiculous," resident Jade Gosbell, 21, told a local radio station after snapping a photo of the strange sight striding across a local park. "It's clearly for attention or something like that, because normal people just wouldn't do that."

In 1665, an outbreak of the bubonic plague spread through London, killing a quarter of the city's population in a matter of months. Doctors treating those infected with the plague believed the creepy mask acted as a filter against the disease.

Locals are 'terrified'

The sight of the mysterious plague doctor has left people downright terrified. "Scared the life out of my missus. Terrifying for kids," wrote one resident on the village's social media page, as reported by BBC News.

"Just casually... strolling around the village in a plague costume?" commented another. "That's just not normal is it? Do it indoors. It's bloody terrifying for poor little kids."

"Kids would be frightened, my mum would be frightened," a gym worker vented the page. "I know that, even in daylight, if she was to go round the corner and bump into him she would be so scared."

Police investigation

Norfolk County Police are investigating the incident and are currently looking for the individual responsible after receiving a series of complaints.

"Officers have been made aware of an individual who was seen walking around the Hellesdon area wearing a plague outfit," police told The Telegraph. "Although no offences have been committed at this time, officers are keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community. Should any further information come forward about any offences being committed, we will act accordingly," they said.

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