TikTok User Exposes Cheater After He Sends Her a Photo with Woman's Reflection in the Background [VIDEO]

The woman caught the man she was dating in the company of another woman after she spotted the woman's reflection in the background of a photo he sent to her on Snapchat.

A woman on TikTok caught the man she was dating hanging out with another girl after she spotted a girl's reflection in a Snapchat photo he sent her

TikTok user @kayla_paeth shared the photo in a video she posted on the platform and the clip has since gone viral with more than a millions views and hundreds of comments.

Kayla Paeth
A still from the video shared on TikTok and Kayla Paeth (right). Tiktok/Instagram

In the video, Kayla included the screenshot, which shows what appears to be some spaghetti and ground beef being cooked on a stovetop, along with the caption, "Gets a snap from the man I'm talking to."

"Haha you ain't lying. I couldn't eat out another night in a row [laughing emoji]. Also don't even worry about it b," the man wrote in the text overlay. However, what he failed to realize is that the image revealed much more than he intended.

Kayla zoomed into the photo to reveal a reflection on the wall above the metal stove, drawing further attention to the spot by circling around it. The reflection shows a white woman holding a phone and there's sufficient evidence to prove it.

"White acrylics, bracelets, rose gold Apple Watch, ring," she lists all the items that indicated that the guy she was dating was with another woman. The video is set to the audio of Wendy Williams saying, "Wait, what was that?"

Social Media Reactions

When one user in the comments section pointed out that it could be the man's sister, aunt or cousin, she replied saying that the guy is African-American so she could tell it wasn't a family member and when she texted him to ask who his female companion was, he responded with, "should've been you."

Meanwhile, other users praised the woman's investigative skills. "literally better than the FBI I swearrrrrrr. I hope youre ok," wrote one user, while another commented, "I wouldn't have noticed."

This is not the first time a cheater has been exposed on TikTok. Last month, a TikTok user caught her boyfriend cheating on her after he sent her a photo of himself watching the Olympics "with the boys." However, several items in the picture, including a glass of red wine, a reflection of the what appears to be the woman's knees in the mirrored cabinet under the TV, a book about the history of Chanel and a large bouquet of pink and white flowers, revealed he was with another woman, as previously reported.