Jack Brooksbank Cheating on Wife Princess Eugenie? Speculations as Pics With Topless Women Surface

Jack Brooksbank, husband of Princess Eugenie, was caught enjoying with three bikini-clad models on a speedboat during his weekend at the Mediterranean island of Capri. The couple was blessed with a baby boy, August, five months ago.

The younger daughter of disgraced royal Prince Andrew and Sarah, Eugenie married Brooksbank in October 2018 and lived at Prince Harry and Meghan's former Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage.

jack brooksbank
Princess Eugenie's husband Jack Brooksbank spotted with bikini clad women on a speedboat. The Sun/Twitter

Eugenie Skipped Event as Brooksbank Was at 'Work'

Brooksbank, a brand ambassador for Casamigos tequila, was accompanied with Rachel Zalis, Casamigos's global director, Maria Buccellati, a model turned fashion ambassador, and topless Italian model Erica Pelosini.

The Daily Mail reported that Brooksbank, who attended the invitation-only Unicef Summer Gala, spent the Friday afternoon aboard the 26ft 'gozzo' boat surrounded by the three females.

jack brooksbank
Maria Buccellati, a model turned fashion ambassador, posted a picture with Jack Brooksbank on her Instagram Maria Buccellati/Instagram

Buccellati, who was seen wearing an orange colored swimsuit, posted a picture with Brooksbank, as he wrapped his arm around her, on Instagram. The Italian model on board with the Princess' husband was also clicked going topless in the presence of Brooksbank.

During the boat tour that lasted the entire afternoon, the 35-year-old was seen taking a dive into the Tyrrhenian Sea along with his companions from time to time, reported the outlet.

A source close to Brooksbank told the outlet that Eugenie hadn't joined him on the business trip to Capri because he was 'there to work at the ball'.

Social Media Abuzz With Speculations About the Couple

As soon as pictures of Brooksbank' rendezvous with three bikini clad models surfaced, social media was rife with speculations about the couple's relationship. There were several who speculated if the 35-year-old was cheating on his wife.

"anyways... so what? there are TWO grandkids of the queen who got caught in a cheating scandal now?? prince william with rose hanbury and now jack brooksbank cheating on eugenie ???" wrote a Twitter user.

"Just coz ppl can't physically see 2 ppl f*cking (or 3,4,5? how many on the yacht?) doesn't mean cheating wasn't involved. It's so disrespectful to do this to your wife, let alone when she's just given birth. ofc ppl will take pics of you in situations like this Jack Brooksbank," read a tweet.

"Soooo Jack Brooksbank was caught cheating on Princess Eugenie? Wonder why the royalists and rodents aren't reporting or tweeting like mad about this? wow no wonder H&M left lol can talk about avocados but not about a PHOTGRAPHED cheater? K," opined a user.