Tic-Tac UFO Incident Needs Serious Scientific Investigation, Claims Expert

A US Navy veteran had previously claimed that the UFO videos released by Pentagon are actually short

It was in 2017 that To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released two mysterious UFO videos that show seemingly otherworldly flying objects screeching across space by defying all laws of current physics.

Now known as the tic-tac UFO, these footages were captured by infrared cameras equipped in US Navy fighter jets that were designated to trail these mysterious objects. Later, the Pentagon officially released these videos, and they even acknowledged that unidentified aerial phenomena are a real deal.

UFO Footage Needs Scientific Investigation

Tic-Tac UFO video To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

Adam Dodd, a tutor at the University of Queensland has now revealed that these UFO sightings are definitely worthy of scientific investigation, due to the paranormal nature associated with these events.

"Thoughts about what UFOs are varying widely – from illusions to alien spacecraft. However, a workable, conservative definition is: 'intelligently-controlled airborne objects not apparently made by humans'. Only a small fraction of UFO reports collected globally over the past seven decades seem to describe such objects, but the Navy footage appears to fit the bill. Whether such objects are vehicles of alien invasion or not, their mere presence would seem to indicate a national security threat, which is partly what makes the Pentagon's recent announcement so puzzling," Dodd said, Express.co.uk reports.

Spontaneous Sightings Result in Low-Quality Videos

Several skeptics believe that UFO videos are not authentic, as most of them are shot with low resolution, and with less quality. However, Dodd believes that UFO videos are usually shot in less clarity due to the spontaneity of these events.

"The visual disappointment helps to qualify the videos as candidates for legitimacy. Even though few of us know what such a video "should" look like, we assume that, since UFO encounters are spontaneous and surprising, the footage is likely to be somewhat less than satisfactory. These expectations present a dilemma. If an image of a UFO is too clear it is likely to be read as obviously fake, but if it's too blurry it could be anything," Dodd added.

Is US Government Hiding Some UFO Videos?

A few weeks back, Kevin Day, a US Navy Veteran had claimed that the footage, now released by Pentagon is actually short, and the original video could be much longer.

The Navy veteran made these shocking remarks while talking to Brain Hanley on his YouTube channel. Earlier, Petty Officer Jason Turner also claimed to have seen the video and assured that the UFO he saw had bizarre legs.