How tic-tac UFO reached mindblowing speed and defied laws of physics? Here's top physicist's explanation

Several people believe that the infamous tic-tac UFO could be most probably an alien space vessel from deep space

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In 2004, a mysterious flying object, popularly known as UFO among conspiracy theorists baffled US Navy pilots and screeched across the skies in a mindblowing speed. This incident is now known as the Nimitz incident, and the flying object that defied all laws of physics is now popularly called the tic-tac UFO.

How tic tac UFO attained such speed?

As per witness testimonials, the UFO screeched across the skies at an unbelievable speed, and it is something humans have not achieved so far. A fighter jet pilot had revealed that this UFO dropped from 80,000-ft to around 28,000-ft in several seconds, and 28,000-ft to just above sea level in less than one second. If the words of this fighter jet pilot can be believed, this UFO has attained a speed of 19,000 miles per hour which is unassailable for humans using current technology.

Now Dr jack Sarfatti, an expert in quantum physics has suggested that tic-tac UFO might have used a metamaterial to attain such breathtaking speed.

"The tic-tac does not need a lot of energy. They observed the tic-tac going from 80,000-ft down to 50-ft in less than two seconds and there's no jet engines, no flares. It's going at 1,000s of Gs, how's it doing that? There is no way it can do that by conventional propulsion. What happens is that if you pump electromagnetic energy into the material, it will have a certain resonance. In that resonance, the speed of light inside the material can go down to a very small number," said Sarfatti in a podcast named The Hidden Truth Show.

What is tic-tac UFO?

As the Pentagon and US Navy assured the authenticity of the tic-tac UFO video, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this flying object is actually an alien flying vessel that might have visited the earth to monitor human activities. A section of other people believes that tic-tac UFO could be most probably a secretive military vessel.

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