Where is Elon Musk? Billionaire's Absence from Twitter Worries Followers; Last Tweet Posted on June 21

Elon Musk is nowhere to be found on Twitter these days and followers are intrigued as he has not made a post for more than a week.

With the last upload on June 21, the billionaire Tesla CEO also did not acknowledge any of the birthday wishes he received from his 100 million followers on Tuesday.

Fans are extremely worried for Musk because he is usually referred to as 'a prolific tweeter.' Ever since joining the microblogging site in June 2009 he has posted nearly 19,000 times, Daily Star reported.

Elon Musk Missing

Many are missing his eccentric and humorous tweets. One fan wrote, "Is everything fine? I am missing your off the wall humor…"

"I'm surprised and a bit worried about not seeing you on Twitter!" another commented.

"Where have you been @elonmusk? Missing you on Twitter," a third chimed in.

There are many theories developing among his followers, who can't really place a finger on the reason behind his absence from the microblogging site.

While some believe that to celebrate his birthday, Musk may be on a 'binge drinking getaway' or he may be taking some time off to sort out the current situation at Tesla, with the layoffs and the loss of £8.7billion due to fall in share prices.

The CEO of SpaceX could also be laying low due to the tensions in his personal life, after his transgender daughter publicly declared that she "no longer" wishes to be related to him in anyway and filed an official request in the court of law to change her name.

Elon Musk Missing

According to Matt Durot, a wealth reporter for Forbes, the billionaire suffered a loss in his fortunes recently. He lost $10.7billion (£8.7billion) in net worth as Tesla shares plummeted by 6.4 percent to end the week down 13.7 percent late in that month, the Express reported.

As per the automated Twitter account of Elon Jet, that keeps a track of the billionaire's private trips, Musk last flew to Austin, Texas where the headquarters of the EV maker are located, on June 24.

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