Is Ted Cruz a 'Nazi Sympathizer'? Republican Senator Defends Nazi Salute, Dubs it Symbol of Free Speech

Republican Senator for Texas, Ted Cruz, was slammed on social media after he defended the use of Nazi salute by terming it as a sign of 'free speech'. The salute was given by parents during a school board meeting in Ohio.

Cruz made the remark during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing while lashing out at lambasted Attorney General Merrick Garland seeking FBI's investigation into rising violence against school staff.

Ted Cruz
Texas Senator Ted Cruz Wikimedia commons

Cruz Says Many Threats were 'Non-Violent' and Exaggerated

During the heated exchange, Cruz spoke about the memo to the Federal Bureau of Investigation seeking their intervention to investigate threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.

Asserting that many threats listed by the National School Boards Association in the memo were "non-violent" and exaggerated, Cruz went on to defend the Nazi salute. "My God! A parent did a Nazi salute at a school board because they thought the policies were oppressive," Cruz exclaimed. "General Garland, is doing a Nazi salute at an elected official, is that protected by the First Amendment?"

"Yes, it is," Garland replied. The Republican Senator then went on to claim that the memo asked FBI to "go investigate parents as domestic terrorists." However, when the AG denied such statement being used in the memo, Cruz said, ''I don't care what the letter says.''

Social Media Slams Ted Cruz

The Texas Senator's outburst didn't go down well with the social media users, who lambasted the republican for being a defender of Nazi salute.

"You are bunch of pathetic excuse for human being, Nazi sympathizer clowns, Qanon cultists, typical republicrooks Talibans," tweeted an angry user.

"Yes, he just happened to suggest that nazi salutes are A-OK on the anniversary of the a Tree of Life massacre, and it definitely wasn't a white supremacy dog whistle like the endless list of previous white supremacy dog whistles issued by this slimy traitor and his ilk," wrote another.

"NOT! You were defending the parents right to act like unprofessional, childish morons by giving the NAZI salute. Will you ever take a stand for what is right and good for this country? We know that answer already...NOT! How many constituents will you abandon this winter?" wrote another.