Damien Trevatt

The Story of Damien Trevatt: Good Marketing Requires Risk-taking

Damien Trevatt said I wanted to come up with something that would return the industry to its roots. A place that attracts the industry's greatest brains, removes any limits, eliminates selling from the stage, and doesn't record the event
Feb 24, 2022
By IBT Desk

Spenmo: The Easiest Way To Manage All Business Expenses

Spenmo wants to give companies visibility and control over their business expenses at the touch of a few buttons, and make tracking subscriptions and marketing spending as convenient as possible.
Feb 9, 2022
By IBT Desk
Manuel Di Geronimo

How Manuel Di Geronimo Has Created The Life He Loves

Manuel Di Geronimo says It has been a wild ride and I've enjoyed every bit of it. Participating in the spartan races and continuously training for them has helped me be at the top of my fitness game
Feb 1, 2022
By IBT Desk