Tanya Roberts is ALIVE! Who Managed to 'Kill' Bond Actress in a Terrible Series of Blunders?

'Bond' actress Tanya Roberts, who was presumed to be dead, is still alive, though remains critical. Mike Pingel, the longtime publicist of Roberts, said the actress was admitted to Cedars-Los Angeles-based Sinai Medical Center after she collapsed during a walk with her dogs on December 24.

Major news outlets around the world had reported her death. Leading American news agency the Associated Press had also reported her passing, a story that the agency corrected later on Monday.

As reported previously, Roberts, born as Victoria Leigh Blum, played Bond girl Stacey Sutton opposite Roger Moore in the 1985 flick 'A View to a Kill'. She started her career with the 1975 horror movie 'Forced Entry' and later featured in several television pilots and in fantasy films.

In the 'That '70s Show' Roberts' role as Midge Pinciotti left a huge impact on her fans. She also starred as Julie Rogers in the final season of 'Charlie's Angels' in the year 1980.

Tanya Roberts, Bond Girl and That '70s Show Star, Died?
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Roberts's Partner Mistook Her Dead

The reports of Roberts's death emerged through her publicist Pingel, who in turn had acted on the information received from Roberts's longtime partner, Lance O'Brien. Pingel had said earlier that O'Brien told him that he held her wife and she "seemed for him to slip away."

However, the news about Roberts being alive was given to her partner through a call as he was being interviewed by the Inside Edition.

"Now, you are telling me she's alive?" O'Brien responded to the call as he broke down in tears. "The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team," O'Brien told the outlet.

Confirming that Roberts is still alive, Pingel told People that he health is not good. "Currently, it's not looking good. It's very dire. Hold her in your prayers," he said.

Talking about what caused the confusion, O'Brien told the outlet that as per the hospital protocol, he wasn't allowed to be at her bedside in the hospital until, what he believed was her final hours.

"When she saw me and I was there, I saw her eyes open up. I felt good. I said, 'Hey, her eyes are opening. Her eyes are opening.' They told me that's just a reflex," O'Brien said adding that the hospital staff informed him she "had no hope to live."

Tanya Roberts Memes Flood Social Media

O'Brien later told the Pingel "I just said goodbye to her," leading to disastrous miscommunication. Admitting to the huge gaffe, Pingel told The New York Times: "It's a human miscommunication, unfortunately. People have been writing beautiful amazing stories on her. It's a shame this happened."

The fans who were mourning the death of their star a day ago were rejoicing on social media as the news of her being alive went viral. Earlier, Twitter was flooded with tributes to the legendary actress. "2020: Year of death. 2021: People coming back to life. Welcome back, Tanya Roberts!" wrote a fan.

"I liked Tanya Roberts and I was sorry to hear the report of her death, and happy to hear that it wasn't true. I hope not being dead happens to me, too," tweeted another user.

"What a strange and delightful set of events that Tanya Roberts is alive... and now she knows how much we all loved (love) her!" read another tweet.