Taliban Fighters Seen Enjoying In Amusement Park; Ride Dodgems Holding Automatic Rifles

A video has been going viral across social media showing Taliban militants enjoying rides and spending time in an amusement park in Herat, Afghanistan.

Hamid Shalizi, a Reuters journalist, had earlier posted two videos on Twitter in which two militants were seen enjoying a bumper car with one on the steering seat and the other one holding weaponry that appears to be an automatic rifle.

In another clip, they were seen sitting on horses enjoying a merry-go-round ride. The viral video was retweeted and shared among other social media platforms by netizens.

Taliban militant enjoying rides

Taliban's Domination

After the 9/11 attacks in the US, the American forces have been in a war with the Taliban who were said to be supporting the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. The Afghan forces have been receiving extended support from US troops and their allies to fight against these terrorist groups. However, the Afghan government collapsed soon after the US military withdrawal from their country.

It was reported that Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country secretly after giving up the fight against the Taliban. He later said in a statement that the Taliban would now be responsible for the preservation of their country and their countrymen.

Thousands of Afghans rushed to the Kabul airport trying to escape from the extremist rule of the Islamist group, reports said.

A recent report by Sky News stated that the Taliban group possessed arms and ammunitions, including guns, vehicles, and army pickup trucks that were seized from the Afghan military, who also surrendered to their violence after the US forces left.

They have reported fighters carrying and showing off their weapons and military gadgets in a video.

YouTube/Screen Grab

In a recent statement, Taliban leader Baradar said that they are not intending to harm or seek revenge against anyone in any way. They are prepared to take over the governance and seek peace and discipline for their people. He also assured to stand with the women population and provide them with equal rights and protection.

On the other hand, the US government has cut all ties with Afghanistan and held the Taliban responsible for their extremism and disrespect against human rights.