Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Ibiza? That's What a Hectoring Mia Khalifa Believes

Adult star Mia Khalifa took to Instagram stories in a series of videos slamming the US government and the CIA for engineering the crisis in Afghanistan.

Khalifa, 28, also slammed Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani of fleeing the country when people are left in tatters and claimed that he's ''probably in Ibiza,'' without providing any evidence of his whereabouts.

Mia Khalifa

Lebanese-born Khalifa, who flew to the United States with her family seeking refuge in the country, is afraid that Afghanistan would be completely controlled by the Taliban and said that the US is solely responsible for creating a monster called Taliban.

Khalifa said in the video that the crisis is ''a great time to remind everyone that the American CIA are the ones who created and funded the Taliban in the first place,'' referring to the time when the US provided weapons to Afghan Mujahideen in 1992 to fight the Soviet Union.

Mia Khalifa on Afghanistan crisis
Instagram grab / Mia Khalifa

In another video, Khalifa took a shot at the US troops for pulling out of the country with such short notice and said that the people of Afghanistan are now left with a ''monster that the US created.''

She also hit out at Afghanistan's President Ghani and stated that no country on Earth should allow him to enter their soil and should ban him outright and not grant him refugee status. ''And where did he go? Any country he enters should ban him from seeking refuge and leaving his citizens in the hands of the Taliban,'' she said.

Khalifa also claimed that Ghani might probably be in Ibiza while his people are dying back home. ''You know what else is empty? The f****** Presidential Palace, because no one knows where he is because he fled the country as soon as the Taliban took Kabul, vanished, gone, probably in Ibiza! I heard it's great this time of year.''

Twitter screen grab

She then walked down memory lane saying Afghanistan was once a prosperous nation before the 70s and called their glorious period ''progressive'' until the Taliban took over in 1996 making the country and its people fall backwards.

Khalifa painted a terrifying picture on what might soon become Afghanistan's future and women would be the most hard hit as they'd be stripped out of basic human rights under the hands of the Taliban.

''You know what's going to happen now? The Taliban is taking over again, it's going to go back to Sharia Law, women will not be able to seek education, they will not be able to leave the house unescorted by a male, they will not be able to deny or reject any marriage proposals, they will lose all bodily autonomy they have left right now.'' she said.