'We'll Die Slowly in History': Heartbreaking Video Shows Afghan Girl Crying as Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

The video features an unidentified Afghan girl crying and appealing to the entire world to help save the nation from the hands of the Taliban.

A heartbreaking video of an Afghan girl voicing her despair at the world's treatment toward her country, saying that they would be "forgotten in history" has emerged on social media. The touching video was posted on Twitter just days before Taliban successfully established their control over Afghanistan on Sunday.

However, the video has started attracting views only on Monday after it was posted by human rights activist Masih Alinejad on Twitter. The video features an unidentified Afghan girl crying and appealing to the entire world to help save the nation from the hands of the Taliban.

In Anger and Despair

Crying Afghan girl
Crying Afghan girl shares her despair Twitter

The video opens with a teen girl crying and voicing her despair. "We don't count because we were born in Afghanistan," the tearful girl laments in the clip. "I cannot help crying," she adds. "No one cares about us. We'll die slowly in history."

Understandably, the girl is worried about the fate of thousands of women who had started to lead a new life following the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. However, she fears that these woman will be penalized, tortured and could even face execution now that the Taliban has once again taken control over the country following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

On the same day the video was posted, United Nations' Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement that "Afghanistan is spinning out of control" and that the conflict is "taking an even bigger toll on women and children."

The fate the women in Afghanistan is unknown as reports of torture and execution have already started coming in.

Afghan Women Worried

The Taliban had earlier ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, when before they were overthrown by the US-led campaign following the 9/11 attack. Under Taliban rules, girls are banned from attending school, while women can only appear in public wearing full body coverings and accompanied by male escorts.

Moreover, women who failed to observe the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islamic law were publicly flogged or executed. These things had started changing with a democratic government following the ouster of the Taliban in 2001.

However, the scene might soon change now. In fact, the atrocities already seem to have started. According to local reports, Taliban fighters are already going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 as Jihadist commanders order imams to create "marriage lists" and offer girls for sexual servitude.

Taliban soldiers are to marry the women aged from 12 to 45 because they view them as 'qhanimat' or 'spoils of war' - to be divided up among the victors.

Given this situation thousands have been trying o flee the country, while others have already begun preparations in anticipation of what is likely to be a brutal and misogynistic Taliban rule.