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A viral Facebook post is grabbing all the eyes in the social media because of its unique context. The news is about a grandmother who took her new £900 Louis Vuitton handbag to buy fishes from the market.

The post was written by her grandson who gifted her the designer handbag. But to his dismay, he was shocked to see his grandma using the bag to buy groceries and fish from the market. She was indeed too excited about the bag and told him that her "new bag was very waterproof but slightly heavy." In Asia, the 'Neverfull' handbag is priced at £900 ($1,110).

The user further posted that his grandmother has been using her same old handbag for ages and he wanted to treat her with a new, expensive one. Further, he admitted that he was actually shocked and speechless to "see her waving at him with the bag filled with fresh fish, he said he decided not to point out her mistake after seeing how happy it made her," the BBC reported.

The post went viral on the social networking site and has grabbed more than 31,000 likes. The grandson ended the post by saying that LV bags has a reputation of surviving the titanic and no wonder it can last really long.

BBC also translated a user's comment to the post, "Your granny must be the most fashionable person at the market, walking around like she's strutting on the runway, even the fish has gone up in value!"

Another post on Taiwanese News stated, "The grandson said he did not tell his grandma how valuable the bag was, seeing it made her so happy to use it for her regular visits to the market."

Interestingly, the French luxury brand describes the bag collection as capacious but not bulky, structured yet supple, at home on the town or in the country.