OCN's new drama Tunnel will get you hooked to it! Here is why

Though the time travel plot isn't something new but the makers made sure that it develops its own style of narrating the story

Tunnel Youtube/OCN

The new K-drama "Tunnel" replaced "Voice", last week and it is doing well. Though the time travel plot isn't something new but the makers made sure that it develops its own style of narrating the story and it does not disappoint the viewers. In fact, the very first episode of the drama received remarkable ratings. According to Soompi, this new OCN weekend drama got a good start. On March 26, the first episode of the drama aired and Nielsen Korea revealed that it recorded a national average of 2.8 percent ratings. It is the highest rating for the first episode of any OCN drama.

So, viewers who have not started watching it yet, here are some of the reasons why you should watch it and it will surely get you hooked to this new drama.

Choi Jin Hyuk

The lead actor of the drama, Choi Jin Hyuk is one of the main reasons to love the drama. His character, Park Gwang Ho is a criminal detective in 1986 and accidentally time travels 30 years into the future. Jin Hyuk perfectly balances comic and serious acting required for the role. His reaction to how tight the pants have become over the thirty years is priceless.

The Serial Killer

Viewers don't know much about the mysterious killer Gwang Ho is looking for in the past as well as in the present but by now we know that the cold-blooded murder is very elusive. This keeps the story engaging and viewers eagerly wait for next episode.

Jin Hyuk's Partner

The new partner Gwang Ho gets hold of is very smart but yet prickly and anti-social. He has no other option but to get along with him in the present day world. Viewers however wonder if the man is to be at all trusted or not. His aloof behaviour continues to build up questions, the answers to which are yet not known. But, it does offer with a few good laughs.

Female forensic psychiatrist

In the episode two of the drama, a female forensic psychiatrist is introduced to the viewers who specialise in female serial killers and is played by Lee Yoo Young. This character is also really strange and awkward. It is hard to say if she is involved in a murder or there will be a romantic link or she is a time traveller herself?

The Tunnel

Last but not the least, 'the tunnel' that transports Gwang Ho thirty years into the future. It is one of the most interesting plot devices for the time travel theme. Viewers are looking forward to know more about the tunnel and how that plays with the characters of the drama.

This article was first published on April 4, 2017