Song Joong-ki gave this life-changing advice to Kim Min-suk

Kim Min-suk says Song Joong-ki and other 'Descendants of the Sun' co-stars always looked after him during filming of the drama.

Kim Min Suk
Actor Kim Min-suk poses with Song Jong-ki during filming of 'Descendants of the Sun.'

Song Joong-ki isn't just a popular actor in Asia, he is also known to be a kind-hearted, generous and inspirational personality. Actor Kim Min-suk, who shared the screen with Song Joong-ki, revealed how the 'Descendants of the Sun' actor had inspired him.

Website Soompi notes that in a recent interview, 'Defendant' actor Kim Min-suk talked about the life-advice he has received from many actors in the industry, including Kim Rae Won, and Ji Sung and Song Joong-ki.

Kim Min-suk said that his "life changed after meeting those actors."

"Joong Ki told me, 'Do things your way. Each person has their own way of doing things so don't mind what others are doing,'" he recalled.

Min-suk also said that he had received a lot of love on the sets of the 'Decendants of the Sun,' from his senior co-stars, including Song Hye Kyo, Kim Rae Won, and Ji Sung. He revealed that they continued to look after him after Min-suk had finished filming his scenes with them. Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo and the others also lovingly called him "Our Min Suk." Min-suk said that it is because of the love, support and advice he received from his senior actors that he learned how to become a responsible human being and to take care of himself.

Kim Min-suk's fond reminiscing of his experiences with his co-stars goes on to show not only how deeply faithful and humble person he is, but that he is also a very emotional person.

In fact, Kim Min-suk had recently revealed how he was overcome with emotion while meeting Jin Goo at an event commemorating the first anniversary of 'Descendants of the Sun.'

"My eyes immediately teared up when I saw Jin Goo. He came over to me and comforted me by saying 'Baby bird, why are you crying?'" he said, as mentioned in another Soompi article.

Kim Min-suk had also added that Song Joong-ki and his other 'Descendants of the Sun' co-stars gave him a lot of support during filming of his scenes.

"In 'Descendants of the Sun,' I played a role that was very energetic, so Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo would tell me that they'd work off of anything that I wanted to do," he said, as quoted by Soompi.

This article was first published on April 4, 2017
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