T-ara Member Hyomin Confirms Breakup with Soccer Player Hwang Ui Jo

T-ara member Hyomin confirmed her breakup with soccer player Hwang Ui Jo on Tuesday. The idol released an official statement through her agency, confirming her relationship status. Through the statement, she also explained the reason for the separation and their plans.

Hyomin reportedly dated Ui Jo for several months before calling it quits. The first report about their relationship came out in January when Dispatch released several photos of the two. The images featured them together on the streets. The idol and her former lover were also sported together in Switzerland.

At that time, an acquaintance of the idol and the soccer player said the two were dating like good friends. They respect each other's businesses and boundaries while being in a relationship. Later, the former couple also confirmed their relationship by stating that they were getting to know each other with good feelings.

Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo
T-ara Member Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui Jo. Instagram

Why Did Hyomin Parted Ways with Hwang Ui Jo?

The former couple grew apart due to the pressure of the situation, according to the statement released by the idol. The statement also shared the idol and her former lover will remain acquaintances in the future. They will keep on cheering each other. The idol then explained the reason for not releasing an official statement when they were in a relationship.

The T-ara member revealed that they were not under any management agencies to perform the official duties. That's why they could not respond to any of the inquiries at that time, she stated.

Here is the Complete Statement:

Hyomin began her journey as a T-ara member in 2009, and her latest release is TIKI TAKA, which came in November 2021. Meanwhile, her former lover Ui Jo became a soccer player in 2013. He bagged several awards during his journey, including Korean FA Player of the Year and Asian Games top goalscorer.