T-ara Member Jiyeon Announces Marriage to Professional Baseball Player Hwang Jae Gyun

T-ara member Jiyeon has announced her marriage to professional baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun through an Instagram post on February 10. Jiyeon shared the news with her fans through a handwritten letter. She also shared a few photos of the couple with her 3.9 million followers.

The T-ara member revealed that she would exchange vows with her boyfriend and KT Wiz professional baseball player Jae Gyun next winter. Shortly, Jae Gyun also shared the news with his 52.9 million followers. The posts immediately captured the attention of thousands of social media users.

Jiyeon began her letter by stating that she has a piece of big news to share with her fans directly. The singer also wrote that she wanted to tell her fans about it in her words. And, that is the reason for her to write a personal letter to them. The T-ara member then spoke about her relationship with Jae Gyun and shared their wedding plans.

Here is the Complete Letter:

T-ara Member Jiyeon with her boyfriend
T-ara Member Jiyeon with her boyfriend and KT Wiz professional baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun. Instagram

Meanwhile, Jae Gyun shared the marriage news with his fans. He stated that he found a person with her, he wants to spend the rest of his life. Then, the baseball player further explained what he liked about Jiyeon and the reason for their decision to exchange vows next winter.

"I have found a person that I want to spend forever with. During a difficult period last year, I met someone who took firm hold of me and helped me even just standing by my side, and we have decided to get married. I was worried that I could affect the mood of my team, KT, who are working hard with the one goal of winning, with news about my dating and marriage in the middle of the season where we need to be focused on games. That's why we are announcing this ahead of the start of the season", he wrote.

Jiyeon started dating Jae Gyun for over five months. Ever since the couple announced their marriage, clips of the baseball player when he appeared in various variety shows have started doing the rounds. Several netizens are celebrating the news by sharing the statements made by Jae Gyun about his ideal type.

When the baseball player appeared KBS variety show Mr.House Husband, he opened up about his girlfriend. The KT Wiz professional baseball player said he does not have an ideal type and his girlfriend is the best. Hae Hyun also revealed that he is in a relationship for the last fours months, and she has always been a great support to him.

"I don't have an ideal type. At the moment, my girlfriend is the best. I think I have been dating her for four months. Do we need to pay for loving someone? I was having a hard time after the Olympics, but she helped me a lot during that time, he said.