MAMAMOO Member Hwa Sa Updates Fans on her Trip to Paris

MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa has updated her fans on her Trip to Paris Thursday with a new Instagram post. The K-pop idol shared several pictures of herself wearing a white cardigan and blue jeans. In the photos, she is featured enjoying a view of Paris street from the window. Her simple and elegant look captured the attention of nearly a million followers.

Hwa Sa shared a total of seven images with the caption: "Thank you for letting me stay for a while in the overflowing love." In the first picture, she enjoys the scenery with her hair tied up. The next still gave a glimpse of her accessories. She wore a white beaded necklace and three gold chains with various types of lockets, including a key.

In the third image, the MAMAMOO member helped her fans get a better look at the scenery. The singer herself enjoys the view in the fourth still. She shows a closer picture of her in the fifth image. The sixth and the seventh photos provide a glimpse of her room.

MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa
MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa Instagram

The post captured the attention of over a million people and garnered around five thousand comments. The comments section was filled with messages, like "hot", "killer", "pretty", "gorgeous,", "welcome to Paris" and more.

Here is Everything to Know About Hwa Sa's Trip to Paris.

The K-pop idol reached Paris on March 1 to the Paris Fashion Week, held from February 28 to March 8. She arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday. The idol walked out without security guards. The singer was surrounded by several people on her way out. She greeted her fans sweetly by waving hands and blowing kisses. She also received praises from several netizens for her simplicity.

In the videos shared by the fans, Hwa Sa can be seen surrounded by several people while walking out of the airport with the baggage cart. Some people get close to her for taking photos and she calmly greeted them. The footage showed her stopping by to take photos with fans and to talk to them.

MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa
MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa

Fans' Reactions

I missed Ji Soo, but I met Hwa Sa for the first time. I gave her my Bouquet. She was so happy. I can't believe her cuteness, a netizen wrote.

I understand everyone is excited and happy to see Hwasa, it's nice to see her out of Asia too. And we also don't know if she's on a personal trip or for fashion week. But please respect her private space. We're still in the middle of a pandemic, another Netizen stated.

The MAMAMOO member is known to be considered about the people around her. She has supported and helped her juniors several times. When VROMANCE member Hyunkyu made it to the finals of Sing Again 2, Hwa Sa voted for him. The singer also called him earlier this week personally to congratulate him and wish him good luck.