Super Mario Run 2.0 for iOS and Android released with new characters and gameplay improvements

Super Mario Run 2.0 improves replay value with additional content for the game's free version.

Super Mario Run 2.0
Super Mario Run 2.0 for iOS released with new characters, Bowser's Challenges, buildings and gameplay improvements miketendo64

UPDATE: Close on the heels of releasing Super Mario 2.0 for iOS, Nintendo has now released the game on Android platform in its new avatar. The game is finally available for download via Google Play Store and it includes four coloured Yoshis as additional playable characters.

The game is free to try, but users will have to shell out $9.99 as one-time purchase price to access full game content. Interested users may go ahead and download the game for free: Download Super Mario Run 2.0 via Google Play Store here or via APK Mirror here.

Original Story

Nintendo has just released the second iteration of its smash-hit platform adventure game aka 'Super Mario Run 2.0' with a bunch of new playable characters, Bowser's Challenges, new courses and buildings, and other gameplay improvements. You can now unlock a lot more features in the free version of the game and unlock new buildings using blue and green toads.

The game developer has undoubtedly added more replay value to the game by introducing the new Easy Mode feature wherein you can complete those tough courses and objectives at Easy difficulty.

The tutorials are now easier to comprehend and you can invoke it any time during the gameplay by just tapping the How to Play button on the lower-right corner of the World Tour screen.

Check out the complete changelog (below) for the improved version of Super Mario Run as described on the Apple App Store page:

Super Mario fans may go ahead and download the latest iteration of the game via Apple App Store: Download Super Mario Run 2.0.