How to remove Super Mario Run game data without deleting the app

Here's how to remove Super Mario Run in-game progress data without deleting the game.

Super Mario Run for iOS
How to remove Super Mario Run game data without deleting the app

Nintendo's popular 2D-mobile-platformer game 'Super Mario Run' has an inherent feature which enables gamers to delete their in-game progress and start afresh, without having the delete or uninstall the game. Folks at iDownloadBlog have shared a simple tutorial to accomplish this feat with ease, if you messed up at a particular level of the game and desperately want to revert back the changes or start from scratch.

This nifty trick will save your precious time, effort and data bandwidth, as you can start a new game without having to delete or re-download the game from the App Store. According to Nintendo, you will be compromising or losing the following information when you start a new game after data deletion:

  • All of the coins you've collected throughout all of your levels
  • All of the course records you've set while playing through the game
  • Any purchased content you've bought via in-app purchase
  • Any other information pertaining to who you are as a player will have to be reconfigured

Note: Although the in-app purchase will be reset in Super Mario Run after deleting the game data, you could always restore all the items you bought earlier. So, there is no need to pay for the purchased content again whenever you want to use it in your game. You can simply unlock all purchased content when required within the game.

Another key point to note is that all your game data will be delinked from your Nintendo account after the data deletion and this change cannot be reversed. However, there will not be any changes to the personal information you have entered into the Nintendo account.

Here's how to remove the game data without deleting the app:

  • Open the Super Mario Run game from your phone's Home Screen.
  • Start the game with a single finger touch when prompted on the screen.
  • Hit the Menu button, when you enter the game's home page.
  • Tap on the Settings button on the screen and then hit the About This App button from the ensuing menu.
  • Then tap on the Delete User Data button and then hit the OK button.
  • Tap on the red Delete button to confirm the action, once you have read the disclaimer message.
  • Restore all your in-game app purchases as you deem fit for the best gameplay experience. Now, sign-in to your Nintendo account.

That's it. Your game will now be reset to factory settings and you are all set to start the game from level 1.

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